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You have found the place to guide you to what you need to know about Obamacare options. Let me help you understand the costs of health care plans available through the Affordable Care Act (commonly known as Obamacare). 


What you'll pay for an Obamacare plan depends on five things:

  1. The level of coverage you choose

  2. Whether you qualify for a subsidy

  3. Where you live in Florida

  4. Your age

  5. Whether you smoke

1. The Level of Coverage You Choose

Obamacare insurance plans offer four levels of coverage, commonly called "metal levels":

Platinum -- covers appreoximately 90% of health care costs
Gold -- covers approximately 80% of health care costs
Silver -- covers approximately 70% of health care costs
Bronze –- covers approximately 60% of health care costs

Bronze plans carry the lowest monthly premiums, but you will pay the highest out-of-pocket costs for health care services. Platinum premiums are highest, but additional expenses will be lower than with other plans.


As a licensed health insurance agent I can help you understand your health care coverage options under Obamacare. Unlike government-trained navigators and counselors, agents are allowed to suggest the best plan for you. I can help make the process more efficient for you and take less time.


Insurance is one thing that people hate to buy but are always thankful for when the need for it arises. Medical bills are the number one reason that Seniors are forced to declare bankruptcy. Protecting yourself in retirement does not have to cost a fortune and can save you from financial ruin.


Final Expense Insurance

Final expense insurance is designed to cover the bills that your loved ones will face after your death. These costs will include medical bills and funeral expenses. Final expense insurance is also known as burial insurance. Unfortunately, even bare-bones funerals can cost thousands of dollars. The ins and outs of insurance policies can get tricky.

A final expense life insurance policy isn’t the same as what’s known as “insuring your life.” Insuring your life concerns leaving your family and loved ones with enough support after you pass away. Term and permanent life insurance value your policy as proportionate to your earning power now and for the rest of your life.

With funeral insurance, the value of your policy is proportionate to the expense of your desired funeral and other potential related expenses. While other forms of life insurance can top a million dollars, it’s rare for final expense insurance policies to get above $20,000.

Whether you choose a life insurance policy that covers funeral expenses and then some, with a dedicated final expense insurance policy, or funeral pre-payment, you’ll be doing your loved ones a huge favor. Taking the time to consider and document your end-of-life wishes may be a little uncomfortable now, but it will make a tremendous difference when the time comes.

Hospital Indemnity Insurance

Many Medicare beneficiaries that have a Medicare Advantage Plan (MAPD plan) also purchase Hospital Indemnity Insurance. An MAPD plan pays for specific medical services after deductibles and or copayment amounts are satisfied. By contrast, hospital indemnity insurance triggers payments when specific events associated with hospital visits occur.

You Can Use it to Pay Your Deductible . . . or Anything Else


Life Insurance for Grandchildren

Becoming a grandparent is an experience like no other. Grandparents are usually eager to shower their grandchildren with gifts. More than toys and clothes, grandparents can choose to gift whole life insurance to their grandchildren. It is a gift that can provide peace of mind and financial benefits throughout the child’s life.

Peace of Mind Now

In the event of the unthinkable, whole life insurance provides a death benefit. This benefit could then be used to cover the cost of the funeral. Additionally, the benefit may also cover the cost of family counseling or even any uninsured medical bills that were accrued for the treatment of that child. This allows families to focus on remembering their child and grieving their loss without added financial stress. In fact, 80% of people surveyed believe life insurance played a critical role in suffering a loss..

Financial Advantages

Unlike term life insurance which is bought for a finite number of years; whole life insurance continues indefinitely as long as the premiums are paid. As such, premiums can be much lower when purchased for a child than an adult. These low premiums can be locked in for life.

As premiums are paid, the savings accumulate for cash value. This cash value will grow tax-deferred, which means taxes will only need to be paid once the money is taken out. As the savings grows, money can then be borrowed against the policy at any time. The policy can also be cashed out or surrendered.


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