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South Florida residents: Review Your Medicare Coverage

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

As a South Florida Medicare Beneficiary, How Often Should I Review My Coverage and Plan?

Before we answer the question; let’s have a quick review of Medicare in South Florida.

As most of you know, Medicare is the government sponsored form of health insurance that America’s seniors over the age of 65 (and certain people under 65 who qualify through SS disability) are entitled to.

Part A, which covers hospital stays and medications while hospitalized is free to those who qualify after paying the $1364 deductible.

Part B, which covers most doctors and medical expenses costs most qualified beneficiaries $135.50 / month plus 20% of all Part B expenses.

Part C is Medicare Advantage which are private Health Plans that are approved by Medicare and may offer additional benefits over and above what Medicare provides. And finally;

Part D is prescription drug plans which have varying costs depending upon the benefits.

Why Should I Review My South Florida Medicare Plan and Coverage?

Perhaps you didn’t know, but Medicare rules and allowances are susceptible to changes every year. By meeting with your South Florida Medicare Advisor, once a year, you will not only stay up to date on any changes; but if there are changes in your specific plan, you will have the opportunity to make a plan change. Be extremely cautious of people that call you who are not licensed and certified South Florida Medicare Agents. There are many scam ridden call centers that target senior citizens.

What is a Free Medicare Review?

In my personal practice as a Broward County Medicare Agent and as a Palm Beach County Medicare Agent; I provide a free annual Medicare checkup to all my clients. During that time, I advise my clients of any overall changes to Medicare as a whole, as well as any changes to their individual plans.

This is also an excellent opportunity to check for changes in prescription drugs and compare drug plans. I find that my clients appreciate having an opportunity to ask their questions during a face to face conversation.

If you are enrolled or are thinking of enrolling in a Medicare Advantage plan, an annual review becomes even more important. Most Medicare Advantage plans utilize provider networks, and within the network it is possible that your primary care provider this year might not be in the network next year. Again; meeting with your South Florida Medicare Advisor will help ensure that aware of these changes.

How Do I Find A South Florida Medicare Advisor?

If you are looking for a Broward County Medicare Agent or a Palm Beach County Medicare Agent, then I would like to apply for the job! I am an Independent agent which means that I represent several different companies and it’s my job to find you the plan that will address your specific and individual needs the best. Remember, there are dozens of plans available in the Broward and Palm Beach county areas.

Allow a knowledgeable professional assist you.

Please fill out the contact form here or call me at 954-270-9114. I will meet with you at your home or at a convenient Dunkin Donuts and as always; there are absolutely no costs of fees for my services. I am 100% compensated by the various insurance companies that I represent.

Reviewing your coverage is a part of health and financial outlook.

This website and its contents are solely for informational purposes only. South Florida Medicare and Senior Benefits is a private company, not a Government Agency.  Nothing on the website should ever be used as a substitute for professional medical advice. You should always consult with your medical provider regarding diagnosis or treatment for a health condition, including decisions about the correct medication for your condition, as well as prior to undertaking any specific exercise or dietary routine.


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